Four-color process.

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The joy of full-color printing.

This four-color printing system, known as CMYK process color printing, is mainly used in digital and offset printing. This system is based on the combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colors, allowing the reproduction of a wide range of colors visible to the human eye.

The four-color process works by absorbing light, making it possible to create over 15,000 colors by combining the four base colors! The four-color printing is done separately, one color at a time, to be interpreted by the human eye.

Four-color printing in screen printing is used to reproduce multiple colors using only 4 screens, allowing for the reproduction of photographic images with great fidelity.

This technique has a certain degree of difficulty, as there are many steps where errors can occur. But I find the aesthetic result to be very attractive with multiple applications, and just the process and results alone make it worth investigating this technique. It’s like creating a manual press!

I hadn’t tried it before due to lack of time. But the time has come and I have recently put it into practice, and the results are very positive, although it requires practice and more practice. So I invite you, if you’re interested in experimenting with me in four-color printing, let’s do it together.

I plan to do a four-color printing project each month, dedicating 2-3 hours on Wednesdays this March, and I invite you to join in. I’ll provide the printing tools, screens, inks, emulsion, and the paper!

Please CONTACT ME as soon as possible so I can prepare the materials!