The joy of full-color printing.

This four-color printing system, known as CMYK process color printing, is mainly used in digital and offset printing. This system is based on the combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colors, allowing the reproduction of a wide range of colors visible to the human eye.

The four-color process works by absorbing light, making it possible to create over 15,000 colors by combining the four base colors! The four-color printing is done separately, one color at a time, to be interpreted by the human eye.

Four-color printing in screen printing is used …

Four-color process.

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Cyanotype, a fascinating photographic printing technique that gives us images in the characteristic Prussian blue color, thats why I call it magic blue.

Cyanotype has its roots in the 19th century. It was the scientist and astronomer John Frederick William Herschel who invented it in 1842, but it was the botanist and photographer Anna Atkins who popularized it by publishing in 1843 the first illustrated book of algae using this technique.

The process to make a cyanotype is quite simple. First, the paper is soaked in a solution of iron salts and allowed to dry in the dark. Then, plants …

Cyanotype, the magic blue.

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I have been on this island for a little over a year now, it has changed my life structure and my work methodology.

One of the things that surprised me is that there is no artisan screen printing workshop on this island! There are so many in Barcelona and other cities in Europe, but rural life is different and so is the custom of working seasonally. Once I have established my workshop here, it occurred to me to offer screen printing workshops, where I could teach this technique unknown to many.

Screen printing is a versatile and popular printing technique …

Screen printing workshop

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Shibori workshop in Ibiza. Shibori is a Japanese folding technique to achieve geometric patterns when dyeing, originally with indigo.

Shibori is an exquisite Japanese textile dyeing technique that creates captivating patterns through intricate folding, binding, and resist methods. This ancient art form involves manipulating fabric before immersing it in dye, resulting in mesmerizing designs that range from delicate and precise to organic and abstract. The beauty of Shibori lies in its endless possibilities, allowing artists to experiment with various folding techniques and dye colors to achieve unique and striking patterns. With its rich history and cultural significance, Shibori continues to …

Shibori workshop

It’s all about feelings and a deep commitment to art. Everything I do has to do with my passion to create beauty, so everything I start, has to end in something that I consider to be art and of course pleasing to the senses and eyes.

I carefully select the fabrics, the inks and  the designs I create are thought of to be completely in tune with nature and my soul.  This means that my whole process of creation is sustainable. 

In my atelier we can print fabric by the meter and then we cut and sew clothes from scratch. …

Time to create in my dreamed workshop

Life is lived in seasons and some cycles come to an end in order to continue the next chapter in life.

So in the spring of 2019 I decided that my time in my beloved and bustling city of Barcelona had come to an end.

The end of early morning commutes on the highway, traffic jams and searching for parking spots in the Gracia neighborhood where my Less-Filling store-front and atelier was established and operating for the past 9 years. I will certainly miss the city life, the vermouth time with my girlfriends and hanging out at concert venues often …

From Barcelona to Ibiza. The big move!

Elisa Munsó for Less Filling