Elisa Munsó for Less Filling

Elisa Munsó illustrates for Less Filling. She has been my favourite illustrator since I settled in the Gracia district of Barcelona.

Within the cultural circuit of Barcelona, Elisa Munsó is one of the most active women bringing together and linking different illustrators and graphic artists of the city.

Six years ago she opened the Diluvio Universal, an illustration gallery where more than a hundred illustrators are represented, either as residents in the shop or as exhibitors in one of the exhibitions that the Diluvio Universal organizes.

At least once a month all kinds of neighbours, the curious, artists, friends and tourists gather to meet up at this now regular event in the neighbourhood.

I was lucky that Elisa Munsó was my most faithful neighbour! We were opposite each other, working day and night, having lunch, snacks and celebrating together every event in the neighbourhood. So after seeing each other drawing, printing, sewing, we mixed and from there a mix was born.



So here is our first piece fruit of our collaboration. As we love cotton t-shirts, screen printed with an allover print, this is what we did, t-shirts in fine white cotton with some prints all over the garment of Elisa’s illustrations of hands with all kinds of gestures that communicate a very good vibe. Hand signs convey messages without words, uniting people through universal gestures and bridging language barriers with silent communication. What do you think about our collaboration?

Here you can follow her work and visit the Diluvio Universal if you happen to be in Barcelona or visit our shop to find her work.