From Barcelona to Ibiza. The big move!

Life is lived in seasons and some cycles come to an end in order to continue the next chapter in life.

So in the spring of 2019 I decided that my time in my beloved and bustling city of Barcelona had come to an end.

The end of early morning commutes on the highway, traffic jams and searching for parking spots in the Gracia neighborhood where my Less-Filling store-front and atelier was established and operating for the past 9 years. I will certainly miss the city life, the vermouth time with my girlfriends and hanging out at concert venues often to enjoy my favorite bands, but what I will probably miss the most is sourcing and selecting my fabrics at the Mercat dels Encants on the weekends, that is something that will be hard to find in Ibiza.

Keep on moving.. Imagine that in 10 years of living in BCN I had moved about 6 times, that’s different homes in different neighborhoods. So you could say that I have become a bit of a moving “expert”…

The big move to Ibiza was a little bit different, because I had to move both my atelier and my home at the same time.  So I packed it all up, and shipped it all by ferry to the island, some items include: my huge steel work-table for screen printing, my three sewing machines and the accompanying tables, plenty of rolls of fabric, my inks and solutions, rolls and rolls of different color thread, all my design patterns, plus all the art on the walls and my favorite furniture items, lamps, chairs, tables, drawers, etc, .. uff   check out the photos bellow. 

I am back to simplicity. Ibiza is a place dear to my heart because I lived here for sometime during my childhood, it’s like going back home in a way.  I’m very grateful to be able to live and work in peace and quiet, surrounded by nature and not too far from the sea, I love the sea.. 

The island is a place for creative people and it always has been. Having my own space where I can bring my creative projects to life gives me great peace of mind and the confidence I look for in life.  So the first thing I had to do when arriving here was to find a beautiful atelier where I could create and co-create with my fellow designers and partners in love. It took a lot of work and effort from my family and friends to finally get to enjoy the space I have dreamt of my whole life.