Time to create in my dreamed workshop

It’s all about feelings and a deep commitment to art. Everything I do has to do with my passion to create beauty, so everything I start, has to end in something that I consider to be art and of course pleasing to the senses and eyes.

I carefully select the fabrics, the inks and  the designs I create are thought of to be completely in tune with nature and my soul.  This means that my whole process of creation is sustainable. 

In my atelier we can print fabric by the meter and then we cut and sew clothes from scratch. The whole process is handmade and we use sustainable methods, from the use of organic inks to waste management. 

Sacred space… there is really nothing I like to do more than to spend time in my atelier.  I have all the essential tools and the experience necessary to create anything for my own brand or alternate projects in Ibiza, Barcelona and beyond.

Now that I live and work in Ibiza, going with the flow in the wild wild island is the way of life. Personally I am influenced by the east, Thailand to be precise. You might notice this in my work and the way I respect everyone and everything to the best of my ability.  I’m really excited to hear from you and create something out of this world together!